How Kids Are Affected by Divorces

Teenagers usually have a series of special problems when it comes to their parents getting a divorce. This can be a terrifying experience for them, especially if the divorce occurs before their crisis period. However, most of the kids end up accepting their parents’ divorce, They learn to set a distance between them and their parents’ conflict, they learn to be realistic about the situation and to accept it. However, we have to ask what the sacrifices are because there are definitely some. Different Conflict Resolution – Family Mediation – Albion-Mediation

The adaptation is a lot easier when the parents specially spend some time explaining to their kids why they need to get divorced and why they cannot save their marriage anymore. They need to answer their questions and to let them express themselves freely. It should also be mentioned that the divorce and the separated families cause a lot of problems when it comes to kids. Most of them end up having behavioural problems and feel the need to determine their parents to pay more attention to them. On the other hand, it is not recommended that parents go on with their unbelievable and unbearable relationship, creating a horrifying atmosphere, leading to psychological violence and so on. These usually lead to the child’s emotional imbalance.

Divorces usually stop kids from becoming mature, too. Given the fact that they have increased sensibility, they live every conflict their parents may have. Therefore, the immediate and main effect of the conflictual interpersonal relationships is the loss of the parental model and therefore, the loss of their identity.